Last day of school

We all woke up happy, relaxed and a bit late this morning and asked my son Luis to describe me using 10 adjectives.

I got these answers …:)

LUIS: “beautiful, brown hair, tall, hardworking, playful, funny, creative, happy, lovable, prayerful, good cook…”

hahahahha.. Thank you anak for making me happy in your own little way. He may have seen me in my worst and trying times as a mother. But still, he manages to remember all the good things that I do for them and all the good traits that I have.

Finally, today is the last day of school. Luis, my baby, is going to be a 2nd grader! Yipee! The past few weeks have been really busy.Most of the moms I know are feeling a little bit stretched to say the least.

After Luis’s Student teacher conference later, we’ll head home, take off my watch and put it on a shelf.Then we’ll do something totally fun for the kids. We’ll do whatever they want and we are going to find some fun FREE stuff to do this weekend!

 The last day of school always seems to remind me to cherish and celebrate every moment.I am so grateful for the gift of sharing this journey with my two little boys.



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