JNA Dance and Fitness Center launches its 2013 Summer Program

I love dancing. I have been dancing since I was five years old (if i remember it right). My mom taught me how to dance with grace when i was young.I remember her teaching me the proper way to flick my fingers and move my wrists while she irons out my uniform before I go to school. She would always show me her album full of beautiful pictures of her in costume.Yes she was a dancer too. I even dreamt to be part of the Bayanihan Dance Troupe before. Over a year ago, I tried to have a regular exercise in a gym where I had Zumba, Yoga and Pilates Classes but my membership expired and I wasn’t able to renew because of my busy schedule.Good thing, a dear friend of mine invited me to try Zumba at JNA Dance and Fitness Center.We enjoyed the Zumba dance with Ms. Glenda Martinez, a licensed Zumba Instructor.

Zumba Mommies striking a pose with Zumba Instructor Glenda

Zumba Mommies striking a pose with Zumba Instructor Glenda

Zumba Fitness is a Latin inspired dance program that has spread accross the world.It has dance and aerobic elements. Zumba incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, soca, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Squats and lunges are also included. Zumba sessions are typically about an hour long and are taught by instructors licensed by an organization called Zumba Academy. The exercises include music with fast and slow rhythms, as well as resistance training. I felt good right after our zumba session.I always feel energized and happy after an hour of Zumba exercise.Let’s do the Zumba craze and release those happy hormones(Endorphins)! You can call JNA Dance and Fitness Center at +639175703131 to reserve your slot for the Zumba classes.
JNA Dance and Fitness Center is a premier dance studio located at the heart of the high end Shangri-La Plaza mall. They’re dedicated to inspiring creativity through dance and sport, the promotion of personal health and well being, and also the development of discipline and good moral character through all their programs. Formally known as the Effie Nanas DanCentre–which has taught first – rate Classical Ballet for over a decade, JNA Dance and Fitness Center continues the legacy of it’s predecessor by offering the same Classical Ballet program untouched and still led by Effie Nanas herself. Since June 2009 when JNA took over, the studio has expanded in several new direction and has opened up to other dance and fitness programs as well as the martial arts.JNA Dance and Fitness Center launches its Summer 2013 Program through DanSeries: a series of dance and fitness events! Programs offered are Zumba with Glenda Martinez, Belly Dance with Jill Ngo, Ballet by Effie Nanas. Children ages 3-5 years old can enroll under their Pre BAllet.6-8 years old children can enroll in the Children’s Ballet.They also offer Elementary/adult Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Advance Ballet, Kids Dance Pop, Taekwondo and Yoga. They will also offer Jazz Funk soon!

JNA Dance andFitnessCenter is located at Level 4, Shangri-La Plaza Mall,Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City.

For more information, you can visit their website at www.jnadance.com

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