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I was so lucky to be invited to attend an intimate social media press event for BrainFit Studio Philippines with my son Luis, last Friday, March 8,2013. I gladly and excitedly accepted the invitation because as a parent myself, I would like my children to be smart, physically and emotionally healthy and for them to be able to reach their maximum potentials. I got excited with the fact that I will be able to learn something new again, excited that my son will experience something new with BrainFit Studio Philippines.

My son,together with the other kids tried different timed activities for the assessment.One of which was the timed rhythmic trampoline activity which addresses motor coordination. We all know that motor coordination is related to the organization of things ,thoughts, rhythm, timing ,awareness of space and also awareness of the left side and the right side of the body.They also tried the timed core stability assessment for balance and coordination.

Ms. Marlene Teo stressed that motivation and enjoyment builds smarter brain.She also said that students who are not motivated often have brain fitness disease.It’s a symptom.It’s a sign.What a child is doing is not at the level that he is comfortable with or too complicated. Maybe a level or two more complicated than what the child can do at the moment.Going in there and stimulating the child at the appropriate level is the key to get that motivation.


Each assessment has its own level of difficulty and is dependent on the capability and age of the child.

Luis also tried this activity where in he was tasked to form the putty into a ball and flatten it into the circle.He was instructed to repeat the procedure and do it over and over for about a minute.


Activities that could help assess children’s time awareness and management skills are available in the center.Having a sense of time in school, knowing that they have a certain amount of time to finish a certain task is important.

Kids had real fun following instructions and challenging themselves in this activity.

Kids had real fun following instructions and challenging themselves in this activity.

Ms.Marlene Teo, makes it her mission to help children maximize their learning potential.She shared the concept of brain fitness and I was enlightened about many interesting things about the human brain and the things that we should do to make it fit.She said that learning strategies are useful only if they match your child’s brain fitness profile.She said that if a task is too easy,the brain is not stimulated.But if the task is too hard, children might get demotivated.
She even gave us an example of what a typical child is experiencing on a day to day basis at school. Imagine a child holding the pencil, tactile senses working (the feel of the clothes that the child is wearing). All senses working, even while looking at the board, looking at the words ,trying to copy as accurately as possible,then there’s the teacher trying to talk and explain while she is writing, classmates making noise,trying to call her and more. All of these things happening and more are what really is the reality for the child. It’s not easy.It’s multi tasking.And not all people are made for this. But this is the demand. How are we going to prepare a child for this?

Good thing we have a BrainFit Studio here in the Philippines, running on its second year whose mission is to use the most effective evidence-based, neuro-scientific programmes to enhance brain performance and to transform lives.

Brain Fit Studio has been in Singapore for more than 10 years.

“BrainFit Studio is at the forefront of applying neuro-scientific principles in personalized brain training. Their programmes are implemented according to best practices for maximum efficacy and impact.” – Dr. Steven L. Miller, Research Neuropsychologist, California USA

The first step is via a process called “Cognitive Mapping” of one’s strengths and weakness across all the 5 brain pillars using US-qualified testing methodologies. Based on the findings, the appropriate program are then recommended to improve on opportunity areas.
SMART Moves – for Sensory Motor development
SMART Attention – for Attention and Memory
SMART Vision – for Visual development
SMART Listening – for Auditory development
SMART Emotions – for Social Emotional development

Program Features:
Suitable to children or teenagers aged 4 to 18
Each Module has 20 sessions
Each 50- minute session is fun-filled and engaging
A class of no more than 6 participants
Progress is continuously tracked

More than 80% of parents report improvements in their children within ten weeks.Many children not only perform better in school but also demonstrate higher self – esteem and greater interest in learning. “Tremendous improvement in reading; he went from 50-page story to a 200-page storybook!” Parent of a 7 year old boy after 6 weeks.


I am so lucky to have the chance to hear Ms.Marlene Teo’s presentation last Friday. I know that what I have heard and learned that day is just an overview. This made me more excited to attend and to share with you the first Philippine brain based conference,”Brain Fitness, the key to success in learning among children” that will happen on March 25, 2013 1-5 pm at the CEU Auditorium in Mendiola. Speech pathologist Martha S. Burns, Ph.D, who’s flying from the US will share her expertise on language and development.She is a lecturer on neuroscience applications to education. Dr. Burns is also an Associate Professor at Northwestern University and a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Her area of specialization is language and brain development.
Parents, Educators and students are invited. Slots are limited and online registration will close at 700 participants.You may pre register online at
BrainFit Studio is located at 3/F Metrosquare Building, 224 Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan 1502. You may also contact Brainfit Studio today for an appointment with one of their program advisors. Call 6682719
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