Easy Peasy Contadina Pasta Recipe by nanay des

I am  excited to share my Contadina Pasta dish with you dear friends! I was invited to a one of a kind grocery shopping experience.

A supermarket raid for bloggers, foodies and homecook guests made our day special last November 27 at Robinsons Selection at The Venice Piazza.

The pastadish that i prepared is so simple.I used Contadina products which are finally available in  supermarkets.

Contadina products range from pasta sauces, variations of tomatoes, olive oil and pasta.

Here is the recipe for my easy peasy Penne in mushroom cream sauce.

2 tbsp unsalted butter

2 tbsp Contadina Pure Olive Oil

2 tbsp Crushed Garlic

1 cup All Purpose Cream

Shitake Mushroom

250 grams Contadina Penne Pasta

Parsley (optional)




Pour 2 tbsp Olive oil andmelt butter in a saute pan over low heat.Add garlic.Season with salt and pepper. Add the mushrooms, cook 5 minutes until slightly softened. Pour in cream and heat slowly. When the sauce has reached a velvety smooth consistency, remove from stove. Stir in cooked penne pasta noodles and add parmesan cheese and garnish with parsley.

Super quick and easy recipe that my kids loved. Contadina products will surely be a favorite in every home.

My favorite Contadina product is their Pure Olive Oil.

Sourced from Andalucia, Spain, Olive Oils are extracted from freshly-pressed Hojiblanca olives, hand-picked from 100-year old trees cultivated under the Mediterranean sun.

Now, cooking flavorful dishes is not impossible anymore . Thanksto Contadina !

Contadina takes to heart the Mediterranean philosophy of cooking with passion, using only the finest ingredients to deliver rich and authentic flavours.

Grown and hand-picked from the most fertile regions of the world, our products boast flavors worth savoring. It’s our passion delivered straight to your plate.

I am excited to share more dishes with you soon!

For more information on Contadina, visit their facebook page, contadina Philippines and their official website ,http://www.contadina.com.ph


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