Advocacy: Ano DAW nga?

The Deaf Awareness Week Campaign was held today at Thai Bistro, Robinson’s Magnolia. It is celebrated every second week of November. download The late President Corazon Aquino signed the Proclamation Number 829 declaring 2nd week of November every year as the Deaf Awareness Week to increase public awareness about hearing loss and how we can prevent hearing loss.images A medical mission was held this year at Brgy Dona Imelda, Quezon City in cooperation with Better Hearing Philippines, St. Luke’s Medical Center, UST McAudio Department and Glaxo Smithkline.   Dr Gretchen Navaro-Locsin a Pediatric Otolarygologist said, ”Protecting children through breastfeeding, adequate nutrition, frequent hand washing, avoidance of tobacco smoke and vaccination can go a long way towards ensuring that your child hears the world through clear ears.” DSC_1931   Hearing impairment in children across the world constitutes a particularly serious obstacle to their optimal development and education, including language acquisition. According to a range of studies and surveys conducted in different countries, around 0.5 to 5 in every 1000 neonates and infants have congenital or early childhood onset  deafness or severe-to-profound hearing impairment. Deaf and hearing-impaired children often experience delayed development of speech, language and cognitive skills, which may result in slow learning and difficulty progressing in school. Eight percent of the child’s population in the Philippines is affected by hearing loss. According to a local study, 8.8% of the population are hearing disabled. But fifty percent is preventable. Dr. Norberto Martinez said that in this age of communication, normal hearing function is important. Nowadays we have vaccines to prevent infections of  the ear.   The  law newborn hearing screening passed in 2009 . Advocating to work on newborn  hearing screening. Otitis Media is ranked as the 8th leading childhood ailment in the country. An upper respiratory infection is one of the many  possible causes of Acute Otitis Media.

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We were given paper butterflies to write our personal commitment to help the deaf community. We attached the paper butterflies to the white balloons and released all of the balloons at the same time.
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Early detection is important. Celebrating Deaf Awareness Week with other media groups , and health practitioners made me realize that we are lucky and we should all take care of our ears. Preventing ear infections can be as simple as having pneumococcal vaccination. UST Center for Audiological Sciences also serves the public for free. Have your hearing checked by making an appointment. Call 4061611 local 8230 or 09175010987 or send  email   DSC_1957

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