Bento Making? It’s a family thing !

I went to the market really early today to buy ingredients for my food tray orders on Saturday because I want to make sure that I’ll get fresh, premium ingredients and the perfect cut of meat for my dishes.
When i got home, i realized that it’s also almost time for Enzo to prepare for school. Here comes my ever reliable first born son Luis to the rescue while i clean, slice and pack the shrimp, squid and ground meat.
He volunteered to make Enzo’s baon /snackbox for today! Wee! That was a big deal for me because I couldn’t afford to just let the fresh produce that i bought from the market rest in our kitchen sink for a long period of time. Freshness of the ingredients make a big impact on the taste of the dishes that we cook!

Here is Luis, preparing Enzo’s baon for today πŸ™‚
You’re so helpful anak, thank you so much.
He used a cookie cutter to cut the bread. I told him that it’s okay to explore my precious bento tools but reminded him to use it with care and to return all the tools when he is done.


My son’s initiative prompted me to get my handy mobile phone to capture this moment.Nakakatuwa eh! He made dinosaur sandwiches at first but he decided to change it because i told him that the bento boxes and the food that you will put inside the bento box should also look neat and appetizing. “Ang hirap pala” , said Luis who looked really frustrated at first but decided to try once more.
After a few minutes, he showed me his simple bento box creation for Enzo πŸ™‚


There you go ! It may be simple, but i know he made it with love πŸ™‚
He added boiled egg and sliced oranges to this cute grape jam filled sandwich.

Thank you Kuya Luis for helping Nanay.
Would you like to see the minecraft sandwich that he made ? I’ll post it here on the blog:) Watch out for it πŸ™‚
Yey! I now have a “Bento Prince” in the making!
I’ll share more baon /bento making tips and ideas with you soon! Promise πŸ™‚


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  1. nicole p. says:

    awwww!! ang cute naman ng gawa ni Bento Prince Enzo! and so sweet… I think it’s actually easier doing bento with the right tools… I recently am doing it as well pero yung gamit ko lang is knife and I washed (and sterilized) some “sand sculpture” toys ng anak ko to make my meals… I hope to get myself on actual bento tools soon :3

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